Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Poll Results 5/1

Well, since I'm the only person to vote on my last poll, the results are not very surprising to me. And since the question was "how long have you been a Keaton fan?" maybe I should take this opportunity to relay my entry in Busterdom. The first BK film I saw was The General (lucky me) in a high school film study class. I liked it well enough and remember the class laughing throughout, but to be honest it didn't stick with me. That was pre-internet days (yes, there was a time with no Google, Wikipedia, or Youtube commonly called The Dark Ages) so I went Busterless for the next decade or so. Lo and behold, cable TV was born. I once again watched The General. This time I was hooked.

If I'm remembering my timeline correctly, that coincided, more or less, with most of BK's silents being released on VHS tapes. I know, how primitive. I bought those, and still have them too.

I've been a Keaton devotee ever since, but it was only one year ago that I thought to look up our hero on Youtube. Well... seeing the Comique films with Arbuckle... the rest is history.

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